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Men's Ministry

This ministry has grown to where we now serve about 100 to 150 men monthly. We help men overcome destitute situations, so they can live a better life for their family. Some have conquered drug addiction & alcohol addiction and God has touched their lives and set them free.

Our Men's Ministry is named "The Lord's Chosen Men", it is for men to fellowship, praise, and worship their creator together. It is open to all men in the community for fellowship and to receive both Spiritual and Physical Food. Occasionally, a guest speaker is invited from the business community or a Pastor from a church who would bring a special message.

Our mission is to help men be the godly men that God calls us to be. A godly man is a servant, not a slavemaster. Being a spiritual leader does not mean dominating your family. It means serving your family, and being a godly example to your wife and children. The mission is to provide men with resources to develop godly character, and to equip them to influence their world for Christ. Becoming a Christian is not a destination; it is the beginning of a life-long journey. Hopefully, this mens ministry web site will help some men along the way.

"Stand Your Ground"
"Defeating The Enemy"

We encourage all Men to come and fellowship with us on the 1st Thursday of each Month!! God Bless You!